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5 most common vinyl window problems and their solutions

December 15, 2016

Whether you have already installed vinyl windows or you are planning to do so, it’s always a good idea for property owners to fully understand the benefits as well as the potential problems that may occur. In so many cases, no matter the product, problems can be quickly resolved or even prevented simply by making sure that you are properly informed. When weighing your options, it’s also important to make realistic comparisons between the different products on the market. Remember, not all vinyl windows are made equally! Over the years, new and more innovative frames, glass upgrades, and glass treatments have been developed to improve energy savings.

Glass failure

The glass part of your windows can suffer from the main possible problems. These include pressure cracks, failure of the sealed unit, and physical damage. Pressure cracks occur when there are sudden changes in temperature. When temperatures change gradually, it allows for slow and steady expansion or contraction. When the temperature increases or decreases too quickly, it does not give the glass enough time to adjust which results in cracks. The obvious solution is to have the glass replaced. There is no need to replace the frame and, depending on the terms of your warranty, you might be covered for a free replacement. Failure of the sealed unit occurs when the argon gas inside the window escapes and condensation subsequently forms inside the window. If this occurs, you should check the terms of your warranty and find out if you will need to pay anything towards the glass replacement. Physical damage also requires a window replacement, but you might not be covered by a warranty if something like a rock or a tree branch breaks your window. You might want to find out about a breakage warranty. If you have household insurance, it’s sometimes worth submitting a claim. Find out if you will be liable for any payment and compare this amount to the cost of paying for the replacement yourself.

Stripped cranks

Awning and casement windows are the most popular of all because of their versatility. When the crank handle is tightened, it brings the sash closer to the frame in order to create a tight seal. If you make it too tight, you won’t be doing your window any favors. You’re not making the window any tighter if you overtighten the handle. Instead, you should leave some space so that the multi-point locking mechanism can do its job without excess force that will result in stripped cranks. In this instance, prevention is the best approach, or you may end up having to replace the cranks or the entire mechanism eventually.

Tilt pins breaking on slider or hung windows

Tilt and turn windows are great for a number of reasons. They are versatile and easy to clean. The latches on these windows are located at the top and bottom. They are often made from plastic with a loaded spring and, over time or due to harsh usage, these latches can get damaged or break. This will result in the windows not being able to maintain certain positions. Broken pins will need to be replaced. The best approach is one of prevention and to always open and close your windows with care. The more gentle you are, the longer your windows were last.

Weather-stripping getting old

Time takes its toll on everything and so do the elements. After a fair amount of use, you can expect the weather-stripping on your windows to become worn. This can result in air infiltration which will certainly affect your energy bills both in the winter and summer. The obvious solution is to replace the weather-stripping. On some windows, this is fairly simple but sliding windows may present a greater challenge, but it’s certainly not impossible. Remember to remove the old weather-stripping before replacing it with the new one.

Broken spring pins on push down screen

Push down screens have four holding points. Two are at the top and two are at the bottom. The top two are fixed whereas the two a the bottom are operable. These pins are plastic, and they have springs inside. Like similar components, rough handling will cause them to break. Proper installation is essential, and it’s essential that you make sure that the fixed pins are always located at the top before you fit them in place.


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