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Bay Window Installation and Advantages

August 11, 2014

If you have some spare space in your floor plans, or want to make a narrow place seem more spacious, installing bay windows is a great way of adding sunlight and a gorgeous view to your living room, office studio, or bedroom. Windows are an essential part of the house’s architectural identity, and putting in large panels such as those used in bay windows can completely change the look and feel of a room. Here are some great ideas for taking advantage of the extra space that bay windows provide:

A cozy nook

Who wouldn’t want to curl up with a book and a nice cup of tea while enjoying the outside view from the comfort of a soft, cushy seat? It could be a simple bench seat, with decorative pillows on top and valuable storage room right below it in the shape of wooden drawers or as an space for baskets, kept out of view with the same fabric as the one covering the seat – this way, functionality and decor will blend seamlessly. To give it a touch of privacy, you could install a valance and, if you’re ready to turn it into your spot for “me-time”, add curtains to the sides to make it inviting yet personal. This works particularly well for bedrooms. You could also put instead a loveseat or perhaps a larger type of sofa, if the space allows it (for example, if the bay window is located in the living room).

Focal piece

Regarding living rooms, if you have chosen bay windows without much depth, there’s always the option of putting in a small table with a decorative piece, such as a vase with flowers, a sculpture, an array of photos, or any object that might make a good conversation piece. It would also be an interesting idea to turn it into a table for two by adding a couple of armchairs or just a pair of elegant, simple chairs, making it perfect for talking and drinking coffee or just playing cards on a rainy day. Either way, bay windows will certainly add a unique touch to your room.

Office space

Having a desk inside the area of a bay window could give you that much-needed break from the harsh fluorescent lighting most offices use, inviting in natural sunlight instead. Working is always much better when the environment we are in matches our tastes and personal preferences, which means that yes, the design of your working space does affect your mood and even your level of productivity. While there are many factors that play a big role in this, such as the color of the walls and the type of furniture used, nothing is quite as relaxing and helpful as having the feeling of an open space right beyond your desk. The desk could, as in the case of most window bench seats, be made to fit the trapezoidal shape of the space between the windows, or it could be a more traditional type of desk with space for some foliage on each side.

Indoor garden

Speaking about greenery, while most people enjoy a touch of nature in their homes, having an actual garden is not always possible or practical for most homeowners. Keeping a set of potted plants or even hanging ferns arranged behind a bay window is a much easier way to enjoy the beauty of natural decor, and it’s almost guaranteed to satisfy both the owners and the plants, as they will receive all the necessary sunlight and a moderate temperature thanks to the distribution of the windows. As a matter of fact, bay windows became very popular during the Victorian era partly because of the advantage they provided for growing and taking care of a large variety plants; in any case, it’s still advisable to consult with a gardener before choosing and distributing your plants so that they can profit as much as possible from their location.

Kitchen nook

This might not be the most common possibility that springs to mind when one thinks about adding a bay window to the house, but actually, if there is enough depth, a simple diner style table with matching bench seats will surely be a great addition to the kitchen, as it is out of the way (allowing anyone to move around freely in the kitchen) and, in addition, it creates a wonderfully warm and welcoming place for daily meals.

Open space

There’s always the option of simply installing a bay window without adding any embellishments to it; this can work very well if you choose tall, ample panels (preferably from the ceiling to the floor) and match them with equally large picture windows for a scenic view of your surroundings. A dining room would be a great place to try out this particular look.

Remember, these are just some of the ways you can make great use of bay windows; depending on your choice, you must explain your desired results to the specialist you hire so that they can custom-build the windows exactly the way you want them.

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