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Benefits of installing picture windows

April 28, 2017

Whether you are considering replacing a window or installing a new window, picture windows are always worth considering. There are a number of benefits associated with this particular type of window and, in some ways, they are a better choice than any other type of window. Here are some of the main advantages of installing picture windows.



Since picture windows don’t open, they don’t have any moving parts. This means that the overall cost of these windows is significantly lower than that of windows with even the most basic mechanisms. Picture windows are an affordable option when you need to add style and light to any part of your home or office.



Letting the light in is another great benefit of this type of window. The only thing that you will need to decide is where to position this window for maximum effect. The direction that your home faces will determine how much light the window will allow inside.


Energy efficient

Years ago, windows might have been seen as inefficient in terms of conserving energy. This is because they did not have the techniques or the technology of today. With the new coatings, better insulation and double or even triple glazed options, picture windows are more efficient than ever before. The fact that they are fixed in position also means that they are even more effectively sealed than windows that open. Energy efficient windows help keep the heat in during winter while keeping your home comfortably cool in summer. The more effective your windows, the less your heating system or air conditioner will need to work.



If you have a particular area that needs light but you are concerned about safety, picture windows are the perfect solution. You won’t need to worry about your little one accidentally opening the window and getting their fingers stuck or falling out. For babies, even a slight fall can have devastating consequences which is why parents are so focused on elimination these kinds of risks. Install windows like awning windows out of reach and picture windows lower down. This way, parents can enjoy both light and ventilation without the unnecessary risks.


Low maintenance

Windows that open will not only get dirty inside and outside. They will also accumulate dirt inside the frame – between the window frame and the glass frame. Even if you hardly ever open a window, it will still allow dirt to sneak in. Thorough cleaning can take a fair amount of time and effort. Picture windows do not require as much maintenance since you need only worry about cleaning the interior and exterior. Use regular mild cleaning solutions and soft cloths to clean your picture windows and keep them in top condition.


When shopping for picture windows, never underestimate the value of quality. Windows are so much more than just the mechanisms that allow them to open and close. The frame and glass should also be of the highest quality if you want windows that will last and make a real impact on your energy bill. Call Alma Windows and Doors on (416) 661-9915 for your free in home estimate.

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