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Choosing Right Windows for the Room

Choosing the right windows for each room

June 9, 2017

Whether you need to upgrade your windows for functionality, security, or purely aesthetic purposes, it’s important to remember that each room has its own needs. The kinds of windows you would install in communal areas of the home would not necessarily be suitable for bathrooms, for example. While you should do your utmost to keep the exterior appearance of your home uniform, this does not mean that you need to install the same style in every front facing room.

When choosing one or more windows for your bedroom, you need to consider the need for natural light and privacy. Take a moment to figure out where the sun rises and sets in order to make the most of daily natural light. Depending on the size of the room and the layout, you might want more than one window. If you have a window facing the side or back of your property, you could install a bay or bow window for extra space and light. For privacy, make sure that you choose the appropriate window covers.

Living Room and Kitchen
Ventilation and light are the two main concerns in the kitchen and living room area. Other communal areas like your dining room also fall into this category. These rooms benefit from plenty of light and, since you often entertain guests in these high traffic parts of your home, it’s a good idea to have windows that offer extra ventilation. Bay windows, bow windows, and even casement windows can make it easy to air the room on a daily basis.

Privacy and ventilation are the main concerns in any bathroom. Of course, you also need to allow enough light to penetrate the window so that your bathroom does not feel like a damp cave. You will need a window that offers various opening options like double hung tilt windows or double slider tilt windows. If you want to maintain your privacy without compromising the amount of light your windows let in, consider light window coverings like beige shades. You could also apply various window treatments to the window itself to prevent prying eyes.

Security is always a factor, no matter the room. It’s important to invest in quality windows that are resistant to would-be burglars as well as various weather conditions. Vinyl windows are both durable and affordable which is why they have taken the market by storm. For rooms like nurseries where small children might be inclined to open windows, a picture window would be a safer bet with something like an awning window above and out of reach.

Space is another factor that will affect your choice in windows, no matter the room. A larger room usually requires larger windows while a smaller room needs smaller windows. That said, a large window like a bay window can actually help open a room up and make it more spacious. All the more reason to consult an expert when choosing the best windows for your home. At Alma Windows and Doors, we offer a wide range of high-quality windows to suit all needs. Contact us at (416) 661-9915 to schedule your free in-home estimate today!

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