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Common questions about bay windows

July 13, 2016

When choosing the kind of windows you want for your home or workplace, you will come across several types, shapes, and styles. Bay windows are a popular and attractive option for homes in particular. Not only do they open up your living space but they also add even more character to the exterior. If you are considering buying bay windows, you are bound to have a few questions. Here are some common questions along with their answers.

Are bay windows the same as bow windows?

Both bay and bow window designs are similar in terms of shape. They do, however, differ in some significant ways. Bay windows use three windows whereas bow windows are made up of five or more windows.

Do bay windows cost more?

Compared to standard casement and double or single hung windows, bay windows will seem more expensive. However, when you compare the size of these windows to that of other window styles, it is understandable. Bay windows are large, and this requires more materials in terms of the window panes and the frames.

Are bay windows energy efficient?

Some people worry about energy efficiency due to the sheer size of these windows. That said, when you want to maintain a high level of energy efficiency in your home, you will need to make sure that your windows are of good quality. Double or triple glaze windows are great for insulation along with a Low-E coating and Argon gas fills. Add to this a professional installation and you can enjoy the benefits of a large window without increasing energy bills!

What kinds of window covers should I use on bay windows?

For your average square or rectangular-shaped window, the options are endless. You can use just about any kind of blinds, curtains, or coverings to keep the sun and prying eyes at bay. Bay windows are larger and, therefore, require a bit more planning when it comes to coverings. You can install one curtain on each panel, for example, and this will help maintain a balanced appearance. You can use double curtains or even blinds as long as they are installed in such a way that it won’t upset the style of your room.


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