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January 30, 2016

Just as you cannot control the weather during the winter, you also cannot always eliminate window condensation. As the temperatures outside drop, you will notice the inside of your windows start to fog up. Eventually, water droplets start to form and, if left unchecked; the water will start to run down the window and onto the window frame and the wall below.

What Causes Window Condensation
Condensation is formed when warmer air comes into contact with a colder surface. The warm air is particularly moister-laden, but this water is in a gas form. Contact with the cold surface of a window causes rapid cooling which causes the water to transform from gas to liquid form. The liquid water forms on the cold surface and this is condensation. The more moisture in the air, the more condensation will form. It’s also more noticeable when temperatures drop considerably outside.

Problems that Result from Window Condensation
A little bit of fogginess or condensation on your windows might not seem like a big deal at first. After all, your windows and mirrors mist up all the time when you enjoy a hot shower or bath. However, if the water particles aren’t cleaned off the window, they can cause considerable damage.
Water can run down into various parts of your home. Vinyl window frames are far more resistant to water than wood or metal window frames. That said, the water might not penetrate the vinyl frame but it will continue to run down to the window sill. If it’s significantly cold near the base of the window, the water droplets could freeze which makes it difficult to clean. As the water settles into the window sill, it can eventually result in structural damage, and you will notice mildew start to form.
Structural damages will require a significant financial investment to repair. Not to mention the time and trouble. Mould doesn’t only smell bad but it is also unsightly, and it poses a health risk. Inhaling the spores can lead to numerous health concerns.

How to Prevent and Solve Condensation Problems
Fortunately, condensation can be kept to a minimum by following a few easy steps. The first rule is to ventilate all the rooms of your home on a daily basis. In most cases, ventilating your home in the morning is best since humidity tends to build up even more overnight.
You can also make use of dehumidifiers throughout your home. There are various options available including electric dehumidifiers. Choose the product that suits the size of your home and your budget.
If possible, at least, most of your windows should be located directly above a radiator. This will help warm the air around the window and thereby reduce condensation.
If you do notice condensation, it’s important that you dry it up immediately.

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