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March 19, 2015

Finding energy efficient doors for your home can be a frustrating process. People can sometimes become intimidated by the many factors to consider:

Do you want a heavy-duty insulation core?

Do you want to maximize the R-value while upholding a pleasing aesthetic?

Would you prefer fibreglass or steel?

Though searching for the perfect door can be a daunting task, it is a necessary process if you are looking to increase the energy efficiency of your home.

Should I Insulate My Current Door?

Instead of going to the trouble of insulating older doors, it is wiser to replace them with technologically enhanced newer models. The process of insulating old doors is not cost-effective or the most energy efficient. The benefits of new, properly insulated doors far outweigh that of insulating older models.

The effectiveness of insulation is measured using the R-value scale. A higher R-value means more resistance to the passage of heat, and therefore better insulation. New doors made of materials such as fibreglass have much higher R-values than old wooden doors. New doors come with expertly developed cores of varying materials (i.e. polyurethane) designed to insulate your home even further. Upgrading to new technologies will help secure your home, increase energy efficiency, and save you money on heating bills.

Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors have a relatively low R-value, meaning additional measures must be taken to ensure maximum insulation. Glass is a poor insulator, and heat will escape from your home without precaution. Multi-layered glass doors will filter the passing of thermal energy, and retain heat in you home. Having a low-emissive coating on the glass layers will also assist in deflecting rays from the sun and retaining heat in the winter.


Weather-stripping is an effective measure to take if you want to seal problem air leaks and prevent water from seeping into your home. An easy remedy to slight drafts, you can install the weather-stripping yourself, and make your home airtight and resistant to the extreme and fluctuating elements.

Weather-stripping steel doors can be even more effective with magnetic technology. Much like how a refrigerator works, the magnetic material lining your door presses against the steel when the door is closed, providing an even tighter seal. However, steel has a lower R-value than fibreglass, allowing for the passage of heat more easily.

Upgrade Today

Taking measures to increase the energy efficiency of your home is important for your comfort, you wallet, and the environment. Replacing old doors that welcome cold drafts of air and allow for the escape of heat will make your home an inhospitable environment for you and your family. Cranking the heat will increase your electric bill and ultimately be a waste of energy.

It is important for you as a homeowner to have an understanding of insulation, and the positive effect properly developed doors can have on the state of your home. Replacing your doors is an easy first step in cutting down your at-home energy consumption.

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