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Energy Saving

Window-Couple-smlEven though windows, doors and skylights do not consume energy, they can be a significant source of heat loss in a home or building. ENERGY STAR qualified products generally will save money by reducing overall annual energy costs. They will also help keep your home or more comfortable year-round, reduce outside noise and may show less condensation in cold weather compared with non-energy star windows.

ENERGY STAR® Windows will make a difference in your home!

Purchasing windows and doors for your home presents several challenges. There are many factors to consider such available styles, interior hardware and features, exterior options and most important energy performance rating. The ENERGY STAR® certification helps make your purchase decision easier. Our window products meet or exceed the requirements in both Canada and the United States.

We provide several glass options, all which help to maximize your energy savings, whether you are concerned with heating or cooling costs we have you covered. Energy Star certified products help prevent green house gasses and assist in the conservation of our natural resources.

Key features

An ENERGY STAR qualified window, door or skylight will have many of the following features:

  • Double or triple-glazing, with a sealed insulating glass unit
  • Low-E glass
  • Inert gas, such as argon or krypton, in the sealed unit
  • Low-conductivity or “warm edge” spacer bars
  • Insulated frames, sashes and door cores
  • Window rating certificate

All ENERGY STAR qualified windows, doors and skylights have been certified by an independent accredited agency for their quality and energy performance.

Starting In October 2010 changes to the ENERGY STAR® qualified windows, doors and skylight program are in effect. The most important changes involve labeling of qualified products, new zone designations and more stringent performance ratings for all zones.

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