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Single vs Double Door

Entry Doors – Single versus double

May 17, 2016

When choosing and entry door for your home, you will need to decide whether you want a wooden, fiberglass, or steel door. Another important decision to make is whether you should choose a single or double door. There are several factors to consider when it comes to choosing the right size for your home. Every home is different, as is every homeowner.

Your basic single entry door is easily one of the most popular options for many types of homes. They are the smallest of all, and this also makes them one of the most affordable of all. For smaller homes these are the obvious choice. This is mostly because a cozy home doesn’t usually have a large entrance hall to accommodate a double door. Not to mention the fact that a small home wouldn’t look quite right with a huge door.

Double doors are great for many reasons, including allowing more light into your home. If you are unable to install a double door but would still like extra light, you can achieve this by installing sidelites instead. Sidelites are as versatile as doors. You can install a single sidelite to the left or right, or you can install one on either side of your door. You can even install a transom above the door if you prefer. These sidelites and transoms are not necessarily completely transparent. You can order a design that allows the light to filter through without allowing any invasion of your privacy.

If you have the space for a double door, and your budget allows, this option will prove beneficial time and time again. Like single door varieties, these designs can also be accompanied by transoms and sidelite if desired. These design accessories can help enhance the appearance of the front of your home, and they can also prove practical for a number of reasons. While single doors look great on smaller homes, double doors look particularly grand on larger homes with larger entrance halls. When you install double doors, you should remember that they don’t both need to be opened every time. You will usually have just one main door and a secondary one. You will use your main door on a regular basis whereas your secondary door will be opened as needed.

On of the main advantages of any double door is the fact that it makes moving large items in and out your home that much easier. Think of a large table, sofa, a new refrigerator, or similar large items that are otherwise tricky to take in through the front door. It’s also handy when you’re hosting a large party or event at home with plenty of guests. A larger entrance makes them feel that much more welcome.

Just remember that these doors will need to be adjusted from time to time. Single doors have full support on all four sides. However, double doors do not have support along the center which means that they might need to be periodically realigned. Also, provided they are properly installed and maintained, double doors can offer the same amount of energy efficiency as any single door.

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