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Increase The Visual Appeal Of Your Home With Bay and Bow Windows

May 13, 2014

You love your home, but it’s time for some major changes. You aren’t prepared to leave, but you’ve decided to renovate. Once upon a time you might have fallen in love with your house just the way it is, or maybe you’ve always imagined these changes—either way, you’ve changed since you moved in and it’s time for your home to do the same.

One of the biggest ways to change your home is to change the windows. Replacing your old wooden ones with highly energy efficient vinyl windows is a great start, but if you really want to make your home feel like a different place, you can take it to the next level by installing bow or bay windows.

How Are Bay and Bow Windows Different?

Bay windows consist of three different windows of different sizes, with the two side windows jutting out from the wall at 30 or 40 degree angles to meet the centre window. The centre window is usually larger than the two side windows, which are called flankers. They provide a great view and allow for superior air circulation.

Bow windows have three to six different windows, all the same size. Through the clever use of size and slightly variant angles, bow windows have a more curved appearance, whereas bay windows are made up of hard angles.

How Can Bay and Bow Windows Improve Your Home?

Bay and bow windows can completely change your view and make the perfect spot for a window seat ideal for reading on sunny days. They also allow the most sunlight into your home and provide greater airflow.

If someday you decide to sell your home, you’ll discover that bay and bow windows also dramatically increase the value of your house. When people are out to buy a house, they buy the house they fall in love with—and a bay or bow window, especially with a built in window seat, can easily capture the hearts of many.

For smaller homes bay and bow windows create even more value. Adding a bay or bow window is a great way to make your home feel larger without adding an inch to your floor plan.

All in all, a bay or bow window is a great investment in your home, both for your own quality of life and for attracting its next owner when you’ve decided it’s time to move.

Why Choose Alma Windows and Doors in the Greater Toronto Area?

Alma Windows and Doors is dedicated to providing you with the widest range of options to suit your needs and the most professional installation possible. Take your new windows to the next level by choosing an exotic colour and adding window accessories to make your home feel more like you. Of course, all our windows are also Energy Star Certified to help save you money on your hydro bill—and reduce your carbon footprint.

We’ll also come to your home and provide a free consultation and estimate so you can make an informed purchasing decision. All you need to do is give us a call today at 416-661-9915 and let us know when we can come over.

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