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Sliding Patio Doors Work Smoothly

Keep sliding patio doors working smoothly

June 21, 2017

Sliding patio doors allow light and ventilation without requiring any extra space for opening and closing. They are stylish, functional, and perfect if you are trying to make the most of a smaller space like a patio or living room. There is one concern that homeowners have as far as sliding doors are concerned. They often wonder how they can clean the tracks properly. When dirt and grime build up in the tracks, it can cause the doors to get stuck and operating these doors will become increasingly difficult. The good news is that these tracks are easier to clean than many people think.

Door removal
Removing the door or doors is important because you want to do a thorough job. If you simply clean around the doors, you will miss much of the dirt. Make sure that you have somebody there to help you. While these doors are not extremely heavy, they can be awkward to move around.

Clean debris and dirt
Remove any large debris by hand and with a vacuum cleaner. You will find that the slender attachment for your vacuum will help you get into the grooves and corners of the tracks.

Check for rust
Inspect the tracks for any signs of damage or rust. Rust can cause the doors to stick instead of moving smoothly along the tracks. Steel wool usually works well to remove rust. You will also need to remove any rust particles that you have cleared off the track.

Remove other grime and residue
Regular use and the weather will always have an impact on the doors and the tracks. Oil and grime can build up which will cause the doors to stick. It’s important to clean up any such residue and make sure that nothing is left behind on the tracks. You might need to use something like a toothbrush and a solvent like acetone. When the grime is loose, wipe it away. Do bit by bit since acetone evaporates quite quickly.

Lubricate and refit the doors
Use a small quantity of lubrication on the tracks before putting your doors back in position. Do not use too much lubrication or it could hinder more than help the doors slide. Once your doors are in place, slide them back and forth to make sure that they are properly in place and to distribute the lubricant evenly.

Regular maintenance
Regular cleaning of your sliding door tracks will ensure that these doors work perfectly well for years. If you notice a stone or other debris like leaves in the tracks, you should remove it immediately. This will help prevent it from getting stuck and causing an obstruction. When you clean your floors, use the vacuum to clean the tracks (without removing the doors). Regular surface cleaning in this way will make a deeper clean that much easier.

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