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Maintenance tips for vinyl windows

January 16, 2016

Every part of your home requires care and attention from time to time. It’s no secret that detecting a problem early can help you save a lot of money, time, and unnecessary headaches. Rather than waiting for the problem to present itself, annual and biannual checks should be in place. When it comes to keeping your vinyl windows in top shape, there are several steps to follow:

Regular checking
It is important to inspect your home on a regular basis, and your windows should definitely make it onto the list. Take the time to visually inspect the interior and exterior of each window and make sure that each window also works properly.

Immediate repairs
As soon as you pick up on any kind of damage, it’s imperative that the matter be resolved immediately rather than delaying. Any delay can have serious consequences, and a repair could turn into a full window replacement. Even if the repair seems minor, the ever-changing weather can speed up the process of degradation, and you wouldn’t want to find yourself in need of a new window in the middle of winter!

Check the seals
It’s not just about checking the windows and frames but also the seals. The heat of summer and the harsh rays of the sun can really take their toll by drying out the seals. They might become cracked, and they will need to be replaced so that they don’t leak air or water.

Inspect the exterior caulk of your windows (this is where the windows meet the walls) and check for cracks, chips, or any missing pieces. Make sure that you re-caulk before the winter arrives.

Dry lubricant
It’s quite common for windows to get a little bit stuck during opening and closing. When you first install them, they seem to glide open with such ease but, as time goes by, this often changes. If you try to force a stubborn window open or shut, you could end up damaging your windows. However, if you lubricate your windows, this can solve the problem in a matter of seconds! Remember to avoid using oil lubricants since they have a way of attracting dirt.

Wood needs more care than vinyl
If you have wood frames, they will require sealing and repainting from time to time. This is why vinyl windows are so sought after. They do not require this level of maintenance, and they are extremely durable and resistant to the elements. Remember that it’s not just the exterior frames but also the interior sections that need to be maintained in order to keep the window in top shape. Once again, vinyl is much easier to maintain and will look great for a longer period of time – both inside and out.
Weather stripping
Weather stripping also needs to be checked for damage. Damaged weather stripping can allow the flow of air as well as water. In order to enjoy maximum energy efficiency, your weather stripping needs to be kept in top shape.

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