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New Windows in Your Nursery

Why you need new windows for your nursery

July 12, 2017

When you are expecting a baby, preparation is everything. You want to make sure that you have everything you need before the little one arrives. Preparing for a baby is so much more than simply stocking up on clothing and baby products. It’s also about making sure that baby’s room is ready. Part of planning your nursery is ensuring that your baby’s needs are taken care of. When they are little, their list of needs is fairly short but essential.

Even if your little one cannot walk just yet, getting a head start on baby proofing is something most parents do. Time flies and your newborn will soon be mobile. We think about all sorts of things like power outlets, sharp corners, and doors, but what about windows? Children love playing with anything that can move – including handles on windows. A window can open, and this could result in a terrible accident. Play it safe with picture windows (that do not open but allow light inside) and add other windows that can open (like awning windows) above your picture windows for ventilation. This way, your baby can still enjoy the light and the view without worrying about the window accidentally opening.

If you have old windows, you may notice air or even water infiltration. Both of these problems indicate a leak which can seriously impact your electric bill and your baby’s health. Cold air seeping in through a crack can cause the temperature in the room to drop significantly during harsh winter conditions. Save on your energy bills and keep baby comfortable with new, high-quality replacement windows.

Babies are new to this world, and the noises they now hear are very different from those they grew accustomed to inside their mother’s cozy tummy. Loud noises in the middle of the night can be startling. If you live near a high-traffic area and the sound of cars, trucks, sirens, and even aircraft are a regular occurrence, you might want to invest in windows that help keep those noises out.

While it might be tempting to install small windows that are out of baby’s reach, it’s important to understand baby’s need for natural light. Natural light plays a role in our moods as well as our sleep-wake cycle. Take note of the movement of the sun and place your windows in the appropriate locations to maximize natural light. Not only will you notice that baby will fall into a good sleeping pattern faster, but they will also have a far more pleasant disposition.

When it comes to windows for your nursery or child’s room, never settle for anything less than the best! Alma Windows and Doors offers a wide range of top quality vinyl windows to suit your needs. Contact us at (416) 661-9915 for a free in-home estimate. Our team will be more than happy to assist you.

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