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Installation matters – why professional installation of your windows and doors can make a huge difference

October 15, 2015

Given the financial pressures that impact our lives on a daily basis, we are often tempted to undertake tasks ourselves in order to save money. While some jobs are fairly straightforward, there are several jobs that should be performed by an experienced professional. Window and door installation are two such jobs.

When shopping for new windows or doors, you will look for the best quality as well as the most affordable price. You can’t break the bank, but you also cannot sacrifice quality for the sake of saving a few bucks. At the end of the day, quality windows and doors will not only make your home look great but it can also improve its overall energy efficiency.

Both of these benefits can, however, be compromised if the door or window is not installed correctly. For example, if a window is not perfectly fitted, it might not close perfectly, and so the seal won’t protect as effectively against air and water infiltration. The same goes for doors.

Another reason for hiring a professional is the amount of time and effort you will spend trying to do the job yourself. Professionals have all the experience and tools required to perform the installation sooner rather than later. This means less inconvenience for you at the end of the day. The sooner the installation is complete, the sooner you can enjoy the new addition to your home!

Anyone who has tackled a DIY project will know that damage is always a risk. If you fit or install something yourself, there is always the chance that you might drop, dent, scratch, or chip it. If you take on the job yourself, you will have nobody to blame for the damage but yourself. If you have a professional handle it all for you, they will be responsible for any damages. Also, due to their experience, the chances of damage occurring is that much less.

When hiring somebody to fit your windows or doors, it’s important to make sure that they are indeed reputable. Hiring your best friend’s cousin who seems to be a “jack of all trades” really won’t cut it. They might have a good idea of what they are doing, but they are not officially qualified and trained. The safer option would be to have the window manufacturer or retailer perform the installation. Not only are the familiar with the job at hand but they also have extensive knowledge of the product which is an additional advantage.

In conclusion, a professional installation will result in better insulation as well as better function of your windows and doors. Proper fitting means that the window or door will open and close smoothly which means less wear and tear. This, in turn, means that you will get maximum use out of the window or door.

Alma Windows and Doors offers a wide variety of products to suit various types of structures. We are happy to provide an in-house estimate free of charge, and our team can also perform the installation for that professional finish.

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