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Seamless Installation by Alma Windows and Doors

October 20, 2014

Installation of new windows and doors can seem overwhelming for some homeowners, wondering things like, “won’t there be a gaping hole in my living room?” or “what about the mess that’ll be created when they tear out the old windows?”. Some ask questions such as, “will it be obvious that we’ve replaced our windows? Won’t this make the house look patchy and unnatural?”
At Alma Windows and Doors, we hear questions like this on a daily basis and our response is always one that customers find reassuring. We take them through the following scenarios and criteria, letting them know exactly what to expect at every stage of the installation process. Read through the tips below to get a better understanding of how Alma’s seamless installation process will put your mind at ease and make your house more beautiful and energy efficient than ever!

Out with the old, in with the new!

The reason homeowners choose to replace their old windows are varied and complex. However, it often comes down to a few common features. For example, the windows were no longer energy efficient and were far too drafty – this often happens with old wooden windows that are prone to warping, cracking and rotting. This also has a direct impact on the appearance of the windows, including unsightly flaking paint, patches of mold and warped, uneven frames. Here’s a tip from the professionals at Alma Windows and Doors – your new vinyl windows will look great no matter what, but you’ll be even more pleasantly surprised with how good they look compared to your old windows! Most homeowners don’t realize the extent of disrepair their old windows are in until they see their brand new windows installed!

There will be a hole – momentarily!

Yes, replacing windows means that, for a brief moment in time, the old window will be removed and the new window will need to be installed. This means that there will be a temporary hole in your home’s wall. However, we take every precaution to make sure that this time is as brief as possible, and that your new windows are installed quickly and efficiently. We ensure that delicate items are moved away from the windows in order to have a clear working space, as well as protecting flooring and other indoor finishes in the event of adverse weather. Despite the fact that there will be a momentary hole in your wall, it will be quickly filled with a beautiful new window with a crystal-clear view!

We take care of the mess, always!

Alma Windows and Doors makes it a priority to leave your home in better condition than we receive it in. And not just because we’re installing brand new windows in your home! We clean up any mess that is created during the removal of your old windows and during the installation of your new windows. We also take care of the disposal of your old windows, so that there is nothing for you to do except enjoy your new windows!

People will notice – in a good way!

When Alma Windows and Doors installs new windows in a home, the neighbours notice! We ensure that your new windows blend seamlessly with both the interior and exterior of your home. We do this by replacing trim that may have had to have been removed during the process, finishing all edges with weather-appropriate sealant and more! Your new windows will definitely stand out, but in the best way possible! They will make your house look beautiful and will offer plenty of practical benefits too!

To learn more about the seamless installation offered by Alma Windows and Doors, contact us today! Simply fill in our contact form or call us at (416) 661-9915!

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