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Single Hung vs Double Hung Windows

Single Hung versus Double Hung Windows

August 22, 2015

Single hung and double hung windows are both really popular options available on the market at the moment. They are perceived as a more traditional option for allowing extra lighting, ventilation, and they are available in various sizes too. They are suitable for small bathrooms, hallways, and similar smaller spaces that may not accommodate a larger window.

How do they differ?

Single hung windows consist of two window sashes. Of which, the upper sash is fixed in place, and it does not move. The lower sash may be moved up and down. Double hung windows, on the other hand, consist of two window sashes that can both move. The top one can move down, and the bottom one can move up. This offers an increased amount of air flow.

Air circulation

The double variety obviously offers better ventilation since it is more flexible. In some cases, you might not be able to open the bottom sash but you can still open the top one. If you used another window in its place, you could sacrifice ventilation for the sake of stopping the sprinklers from watering the interior of your home instead of the lawn!

Different prices

Single hung varieties are usually cheaper than the double variety since they involve less moving parts and, over time, they will also require less maintenance.


Energy efficient windows are a top priority for many homeowners. The true value of a window can be calculated by the amount of money you save on your energy bill each month. Single hung windows are usually more energy efficient than double hung varieties unless you go all out and get the top of the line. The more moveable sashes, the less energy efficient a window will prove to be. It’s also important to invest in the right frame and have the window professionally installed for maximum efficiency. Look for the Energy Star label for the most sought after products.


Keeping your windows clean often seems like a dreadful chore. Double hung windows are easier to clean because they can be tilted inwards. However, the single hung windows are also available in a tilt variety which can help make your life easier if you are specifically in the market for a single hung window.

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