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June 4, 2014

Your much loved Toronto home definitely doesn’t qualify as new anymore. After many years of wear and tear the windows your home came with aren’t doing their job the way they’re supposed to. They’re starting to let the cold air in and soon enough it will be the sticky hot air of summer leaking into your home and raising your energy bill.

Of course there are things you can do to preserve old windows and doors, but eventually the time comes to replace them. Nothing lasts forever, and windows and doors, however tough they might be, are no different.

Once you start looking around you’re bound to notice the wide range of options available. Not only are there a number of window styles to choose from, there are also several different window and door replacement companies in Toronto. Most have pretty impressive websites and look trustworthy, so how do you choose?

The company you choose for your Toronto window and door replacements should be a company with a solid history and a clear knowledge of the industry. They should be professional and polite, and most of all, they should make it easy for you to choose the right window and door replacements for your home.

Why Choose Alma Windows and Doors?

Alma Windows and Doors has been doing exactly that since 1995. For almost twenty years we’ve focused on providing Toronto homeowners with energy efficient windows for an affordable price.

Over the years our professionals have learned a lot about window and door installations. Our employees have worked in every kind of home imaginable. They’ve installed windows of every shape and size. They know how important it is to do the job right and they’re trained to properly install window replacements into even the oddest spaces.

Save Your Money With Energy Star Certified Windows

Energy bills can be a massive drain on your finances. Rising energy bills might even be the deciding factor when you’re debating whether or not it’s time to get some new windows.

Installing Energy Star Certified windows can save you 7-15% on every energy bills, meaning these windows will pay for themselves in the long run. Oh, and since Alma Windows and Doors is committed to providing them for an affordable price, you’ll save even more money by choosing us for your Toronto window replacements.

Stop Worrying About Your Window Replacements

Our team of specialized employees is equipped to take the stress out of choosing your Toronto window replacements. When you call us the first thing we’ll do is answer any questions you might have and book an appointment to give you a free estimate. During this appointment we’ll walk you through the different options and take exact measurements so you know our estimate is accurate.

When you decide to hire us for your window replacements, you’ll benefit from a quick and professional installation. Our employees will clean up their mess and take your old windows with them so you don’t have to worry about anything except enjoying your new windows.

And all you have to do is give us a call at 416-661-9915.

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