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Is UV protection on my windows really necessary?

July 29, 2016

Windows were long considered nothing more than an important fixture in homes. Today, however, things have changed, and people are starting to realize that they play a far more important role. As well as protecting your home from intruders and unwelcome guests of the insect and animal variety, they also offer UV protection. As with most things in life, there are bound to be skeptics, and so some people have started wondering just how necessary UV protection really is.

Whether you choose double or triple pane glass, you can rest assured that they will help keep your energy bills down. They are far more effective than the old single pane windows for obvious reasons. These layers of glass do nothing, however, to prevent UV rays from entering your home. These harmful rays will penetrate the glass and start to take their toll on you and your belongings. Just think about the effect of the sun on your skin. Now take a moment to consider how constant daily exposure will affect your furniture!

Curtains, sofas, floors, rugs, and everything you love can become increasingly faded due to sun exposure. It can also result in uneven colors and patches if the sun only shines on half of the object. From time to time, you might want to change things around and move some furniture or replace certain pieces of furniture. If you do not have UV protection on your windows, you are bound to see outlines around areas where furniture once was. This is because the furniture protected that part of the floor from UV exposure and, as a result, there was no discoloration. In the end, you could end up with a rather patchy-looking room!

The sun can also make various materials brittle. Leather furniture is just one fine example of this. If you had to leave a leather covered arm chair in the sun for a few weeks, you would return to a hard and brittle version of its once elegant self. Leather does require regular treatment regardless of the weather conditions but excessive UV exposure certainly does not help. It won’t be long before the leather starts to crack and tear. Once this happens, the only way of remedying the situation is by recovering your sofas or replacing them. Either way, it’s bound to set you back a significant amount!

When you apply UV protection to your windows, you are blocking these rays from entering your home. Your windows won’t just keep the heat out but also those damaging rays. UV protection on windows acts much like a mirror and sends those rays back where they came from! This also helps keep your energy bills even lower since the UV rays cannot warm up your home even more in summer!

Since these rays are prevented from penetrating the window, it will not be able to warm up the air located between the window panes. In addition, it also cannot warm up different objects inside your home – including yourself! You can take a seat beside the window and enjoy a glass of wine along with your favorite book without worrying about sun exposure!

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