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Vinyl windows and their benefits

October 16, 2015

Vinyl has fast become the most popular window material in numerous countries around the world. Vinyl windows consist of the window itself surrounded by a vinyl frame. Not only is the glass encased in a vinyl frame but the entire window frame is also made from this same material.

It’s important to understand what vinyl is in order to grasp the benefits of these products. Vinyl is a shortened term used to describe Poly-vinyl Chloride (more commonly known as PVC). PVC has been used for many years in various industries and, due to its many benefits, the window and door industry has also chosen to make the most of this resource.

Lower Heating Costs
During the winter, it’s extremely important to keep your home cozy and warm. Many homeowners set their thermostats to a comfortable temperature and allow it to maintain the perfect conditions in their home. If your windows are damaged or worn, they can allow the heat from your home to escape, and the cold air from outside will sneak in. Similarly, if the frames of your windows are made from materials that have a high level of conductivity (like metal), they will most likely become really cold during the winter and they won’t offer insulation from the exterior conditions. Vinyl frames, on the other hand, offer superb insulation and do not conduct heat or cold. They help create a seal and prevent the warm air from getting out. This means that your heating system will work less in order to maintain a certain home temperature, and this means that you will spend less on heating costs each month.

Lower Cooling Costs
Like heating, keeping your home cool in summer can also become expensive without the right windows. Vinyl windows provide insulation unlike any other, and they help keep your home comfortably cool. The less often your air conditioner turns on, the less power it uses and the lower your bill will be in the end.

Almost maintenance free
Wooden frames require regular upkeep in terms of refinishing and possibly even staining. Wood is more susceptible to the effects of nature (wind, sun, rain, snow, etc.) while vinyl holds up even better without any maintenance. Metal frames are more like to warp, dent, or become damaged over time than vinyl and also require regular upkeep. The most you will need to do in order to keep your vinyl windows looking great is keep them clean.

Easy cleaning
Vinyl is much easier to clean than metal or wooden frames. If you rub too hard, you can scratch metal surfaces, and this could result in more harm than good. Wood can become almost sticky as dirt packs on, and you will eventually need to sand it down and give it a fresh finish. Vinyl simply needs to be wiped down regularly. Dirt comes off extremely easily, and there’s no need for scrubbing. Stubborn dirt (like paint splatter if you forget to mask up your windows while repainting your home) can easily be removed by using an appropriate solvent. Just make sure that the solvent is indeed safe for PVC surfaces and won’t cause damage!

Energy efficiency
Apart from lowering heating and cooling costs, you can also reduce your electric bill by installing extra vinyl windows. So, instead of having just one window, you can have more which will allow more natural light inside. This means that you won’t need to turn your lights on quite as often, and your electricity won’t cost as much as it usually does.

Wide variety
If you love the look of wood, but you want the benefits of vinyl, you’re in luck! Vinyl is available in a broad variety of colours and designs which means that you can choose the perfect option to suit your home.

Competitive pricing
The initial cost of vinyl is wonderfully competitive. That said, even if you did spend marginally more on vinyl windows, they would still pay for themselves in months by helping you save on your electric bill.

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