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Double Hung Tilt Windows

The traditional window style that satisfies sophisticated styling expectations while providing the maximum flexibility in ventilation options. Far from being simply practical, our Double Hung Tilt Windows offer a home-enhancing classic appearance. Both sashes tilt inward to let in fresh warm air, yet close securely and are thermally efficient on the coldest days. They come with a full size screen.

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Standard Features

  1. Multi-chambered design increases insulation value, adds strength and prevents condensation.
  2. Heavy duty cam action locking system provides extra element of security.
  3. Both sashes tilt inward for effortless cleaning from inside the home.
  4. Fusion-welded frame and sash corners for strength, security and help to prevent air infiltration.
  5. Full interlocking sashes to maximize security and minimize air infiltration.
  6. Triple weather-stripping sealing system located on the sash for total air and water tightness.
  7. Pocket head and sill with Quad-4 weather stripping to help keep cold air out.
  8. Removable full screen lets you enjoy fresh summer air while keeping insects out.
  9. Solar Solutions energy saving glass options with Super Spacer for optimal energy efficiency.
Double Hung Tilt Windows Standard Features

Double Hung Tilt Windows Colour & Grill Options

Grille style options

  • Colonial BrownColonial Brown
  • Colonial WhiteColonial White
  • Colonial White, GeorgianGeorgian White
  • Colonial White, PencilPencil
  • Colonial White, Groove GoldV-Groove Gold
  • Colonial White, Groove PewterV-Groove Pewter
  • Colonial White, Groove WhiteV-Groove White

Grille pattern options

  • Grill Pattern, 3x13X1
  • Grill Pattern, 3x23X2
  • Grill Pattern, 4x14X1
  • Grill Pattern, 4x24X2
  • Grill Pattern, 3x2, ColonialColonial
  • Grill Pattern, 3x1, DiamondDiamond
  • Grill Pattern, PreriePrairie
  • Grill Pattern, 3x1SDL

Popular Color Options

  • BrownBrown
  • GreyGrey
  • IvoryIvory
  • SandalwoodSandalwood
  • WhiteWhite

Double Hung Tilt Windows glass options

  • argon gas

    Argon gas fills are used to reduce heat loss in sealed units by slowing down convection in the air space.
  • Low-E Coating

    Low-e coatings have been developed to minimize the amount of ultraviolet and infrared light that can pass through glass without compromising the amount of visible light that is transmitted.

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